Thematic Working Groups

EACSOF key success has been through working with Thematic working Groups for instance the drafting and to lobbing for the ratification of the HIV Control & Management Bill passed by the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) 2012 and was ratified by all EAC Head of States by 2015.The aim of the laws to bring harmonization of national laws and a common legal response to HIV/AIDS pandemic in the region. EACSOF Thematic clusters operate mainly at country level, with two lead agencies per theme in each country – one thematic leader and alternate leader. The National Chapter aids to convene and to bring together other CSOs and stakeholders from government, plus special interest groups within the country. The two lead agencies aid to analyze burning issues in the particular thematic. The thematic Clusters identify thematic key issues, gather evidence at country level and make proposals for addressing those issues. Such proposals are consolidated by EACSOF national Chapters and forwarded to EACSOF Secretariat, after which they are harmonized by EACSOF Secretriat team in order to feed into the different Forum(s) such as Annual EAC SG Forum as stipulated under the EAC Dialogue Mechanism, thereby bringing citizen voices to bear upon integration processes.

EACSOF Thematic Clusters

• Democratic Governance;

• Peace and Security;

• Social and Economic Justice;

• Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environmental Protection and Climate Change;

• Science and Technology

• Mainstream gender equity and equality and sustainable development goals

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