At the regional level, the organizational structure is comprised of the Governing Council maintaining its position at the helm of EACSOF. The structural functions at the secretariat are replicated at the national level so as to streamline EACSOF’s efficiency in terms of communication, coordination and program implementation.

The national chapter will not be engrained in the secretariat. The national coordinator will be reporting to the board at the national level while at the same time have linkage functions with the regional chapter. The assumption still subsists that all the national chapters will be registered as autonomous EACSOF chapters. However, they will not be delinked from the regional secretariat with the Governing Council being the main artery linking the two. Thus the Governing Council will make decisions for both the regional EACSOF and the national chapters.

Autonomy would be important to the national chapters in terms of fundraising and the implementing of programs at the national level. What could be ceded from the national level is the coordination function, and it is even possible for the regional to fundraise for the national coordinators. At the national level mobilization should be left to the national chapter.

Thematic clusters will operate mainly at country level, with two lead agencies per theme in each country – one thematic leader and alternate leader. The thematic cluster will help EACSOF achieve its mandate by identifying thematic key issues, gather evidence at country level and make proposals for addressing those issues. Such proposals will be consolidated by National Coordinator and forwarded to EACSOF Secretariat, after which they will be harmonized by EACSOF team at regional level1 in order to feed into various platforms such as the Annual EAC SGs Forum as stipulated under the EAC Dialogue Mechanism, thereby bringing citizen voices to bear upon integration processes.

1 Regional engagement meeting will be held where regional thematic leaders bring harmonized representations from all partner states.