About Us

EACSOF Governing Council

The East African Civil Society Organizations’ Forum is an autonomous umbrella body of all Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and CSOs in East Africa, with the primary objective of building a critical mass of knowledgeable and empowered civil society in the region, in order to foster their confidence and capacity in articulating grassroots needs and interests to the EAC, and its various organs, institutions and agencies.

To this end, EACSOF galvanizes the initiatives of CSOs and partners with the EAC for the improvement of humanity, social security, regional integration, as well as economic and social development in East Africa. EACSOF seeks to facilitate the building of associational networks, promotion of solidarity, trust, and reciprocity among CSOs both nationally and at regional level aiming to empower civil society to exploit the public space in a liberal democracy, to which EACSOF aspires, where the sovereign is the people.EACSOF also works towards strengthening and institutionalizing a relationship between East African CSOs and the EAC through an annual General Assembly for members of EACSOF with the purpose of submitting recommendations to East African ministers and Heads of State on human security issues, to audit the implementation and legislative domestication of the EAC Treaties, Protocols and decisions relating to human development, security and peace in the region and to establish national and sub-regional monitoring mechanisms on the status of human security in East Africa.

EACSOF was initiated by the East Africa Law Society in 2006. It is registered in Tanzania as a regional civil society organization. It is governed by its diverse and active regional membership through the annual CSOs general meeting. Policy and administrative supervision is undertaken by the elected Governing Council consisting of 15 organizations the region. Implementation and coordination is carried out by the Secretariat, based in Arusha, Tanzania to be headed by the Chief Executive Officer.

Summary of Programmatic Areas
EACSOF has identified two broad areas of operation over the next five years and these are;

I Institution strengthening and capacity building

The objective of the above is to ensure that the EACSOF Secretariat and national coordination structures are effective and able to deliver on programmes and ambitions, and that our key constituents and stakeholders are fully on-board. Therefore, the organization will implement a programme of capacity building and institution strengthening of member organisations and the Forum.

II Policy engagement with the state, the private sector and other stakeholders