Policy Engagement

Policy Development, Implementation, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

Overall Objective:

To Ensure Citizen Centered Policy Development and Implementation at National and Regional Levels.

As an operational strategy, CSOs at EAC level in the past chose to engage policy through five thematic priority areas.

The thematic areas, outlined below, are still relevant and resonate with EACSOF’s ambition even for the next five years. Therefore implementation of EACSOF’s work in the next five years will be undertaken through these five thematic areas;

– Democratic Governance;

– Human Rights Peace and Security;

– Social and Economic Justice;

– Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environmental Protection and Climate Change;

–  Science and Technology

EACSOF through its work shall pursue and monitor EAC performance on the key SDGs indicators that resonate with its work while also mainstreaming gender equity and equality.