National Chapters

EACSOF National Chapters aid the process of deepening civil society participation in the EAC integration process. To be successful this requires active EACSOF National Chapter, working with thematic clusters to take a lead in gathering sub-national and grassroots perspectives, which are consolidated at national level through a National CSO Conference. The deliberations of National CSO Conferences are submitted to EACSOF Secretariat to as input at different EAC level engagement / initiatives. EACSOF National Chapters liaise closely with MEACAs, Sector Ministries, Departments and Thematic Agencies; national level CS fraternity, PSOs – especially EABC national focal points; EALGA, EALA members and development partners in each country, who are active in EAC regional integration. EACSOF National Chapters have active two way communication with regional EACSOF Secretariat.

EACSOF operates at national level through its country chapters hosted at national level hence active linkages to their national governments: