Science and Technology

Mainstreaming Science and Technology
Article 103 of the East African Establishment Treaty underlines the importance of Science and Technology as a key driver for Economic Development. EACSOF too appreciates the role science and technology can play in transforming lives and enhancing integration.
The overall objective 5 To Promote and coordinate the development, management, and application of science technology and innovation to support regional integration and socio-economic development of the people in the region
Strategies for Action on Mainstreaming Science and Technology by EAC CSOs:

Promote, Share knowledge, Review, Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the regional Science and Technology policy via the East African Science and Technology Commission (EASTECO).

Promote joint scientific and technological research Institutions on indigenous knowledge and technologies.

Advocate for the dissemination and internalization of new and emerging technologies for accelerated economic development and sustainable utilization of natural resources;

Promote gender equity and participation in the development and the application of Science and Technology.

Promote and advocate for formulation of EAC IP policy, Protection of Plant varieties, Public Health, Transfer of technology and financial support in regards to WTO TRIPS Agreement