Institutional Capacity Development

EACSOF Institutional Capacity Development
Overall objective: To support the institutional development of EACSOF.

Strategies for Action on Institutional Capacity Development

Strengthen EACSOF governance and leadership;
Under this strategy EACSOF seeks to strengthen its governance and leadership through improved policies and management systems. The following interventions shall be implemented:
– Hold regular governing council meetings,
– Prepare and share regular reports,
– Organise annual national and regional planning sessions.

Build strategic linkages and alliances;
To achieve greater mileage EACSOF shall work in partnership and in alliance with other sub regional and global partners and networks. Under this strategy the following interventions shall be made:
– Identify and subscribe to strategic networks and coalitions,
– Share information and linkages with Continental, International and sister CSO platform such as WASCOF,
– Identify strategic funding partners to support in building a stable resource base for the platform by developing an effective fundraising strategy.

Increase EACSOF visibility;
A visible EACSOF at national and regional level will ensure that the best practices of EACSOF are spread. Under this strategy the following interventions shall be made:
– Set up and effective communication strategy to document and disseminate outcomes of EACSOF’s work widely through annual reports, calendars, bulletin and other media,
– Open and operate an interactive web site.

Support EACSOF’s sustainability.
This strategy aims to ensure that EACSOF and its work are sustainable. It will be achieved through the following interventions.
– Developing and adopting a comprehensive resource mobilisation strategy,
– Seeking partnership with long term donor agencies,
– Seeking funding support from the EAC.
– Developing a Self – fundraising / Sustainability strategy (Coming up with online coursers relevant to EACSOF Thematic Areas, and an online Library)
– Ensuring Membership recruitment and retention
– Develop a comprehensive business plan for EACSOF that defines viable resource mobilisation options.