Governing Council

The Governing Council in accordance to the constitution:
(1). The Governing Council shall be composed of ten members elected by the Annual General Meeting through member organisations to the Forum, provided that no country shall have more than two representatives on the Governing Council. In the electoral process, it shall be ensured that there is gender parity in the country representation. The Chief Executive Officer of the Forum shall be an ex-officio Member of the Governing Council.
(2). The President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary and Treasurer of the Forum shall be elected from the members of the Council by the General Assembly through a formula devised by the Governing Council and approved by the Annual General Meeting of the Forum which shall ensure equal and fair rotation of these positions among the East African countries.
(3). The tenure of the Governing Council shall be two years, provided that no organisation shall serve on the Council for more than two terms.
(4) The election of the Governing Council shall be done by the country constituencies in the Forum. The electoral process shall strictly adhere to the provisions of Article 12 (1) and (2).
(5). The responsibilities of the Governing Council are:
(a). To formulate policies and regulations for the proper conduct of the Forum’s business.
(b). To oversee the implementation of the Forum’s policies by the Secretariat.
(c). To prepare and forward for consideration of the General Assembly the Annual Activities Reports, Annual budget estimates and Financial and Audited Accounts of the Forum.
(d). To appoint thematic and working committees to address specific issues in line with the objectives of the Forum as stated in this constitution.
(e). To fundraise and mobilize resources for the Forum.
(f). To formulate the staff rules and regulations for the personnel within the Secretariat.
(g). To appoint the Chief Executive Officer and other officers of the secretariat.
(h). To undertake any other functions as shall be delegated by the General Assembly.
(i). To receive recommendations and proposals for the amendment or repeal of rules made by the General Assembly.
(6). The Governing Council shall meet at least three times in a year, and the meetings of the Governing Council shall be convened by the General Secretary and shall be quorate if it has two-thirds of the members.
(7). The President shall chair all the meetings of the General Assembly and of the Governing Council, and in his or her absence the Vice-President, and in the absence of both of them, the council shall elect the chair.
(8). The President shall be the official spokesperson of the Forum, and in his absence, the Vice President. The Chief Executive Officer may, in consultation with or upon delegation from the Council, also act as the spokesperson of the Forum.
(9). The Treasurer shall ensure prudent, efficient and proper management of the Forum’s finances and shall submit quarterly financial reports to the Governing Council to be considered at the Council’s meetings.
(10). A member of the Governing Council shall lose their seat on the Governing Council in any of the following instances:
(a). Abuse of Office;
(b). Failure to attend three meetings of the Governing Council, without reasonable cause;
(c). Mental or physical incapacity rendering the member unable to conduct their duties as a member of the Governing Council;
(d). Conduct contrary to the objectives of the Forum as contained in this constitution;
(e). Convicted of a criminal offence and sentenced to a custodial term of not less than six (6) months.
Provided that where a member has lost their position on the Governing Council due to the reasons enumerated above, the National Chapter where the member comes from shall through internal consultations, forward the name of an organisation chosen to replace the member and the person who shall represent the organisation. The Chairperson of the National Chapter shall be responsible for forwarding the name after the consultations together with the minutes of the meeting in which the decision was made.