General Assembly

The General Assembly in accordance to the constitution:
(1). The General Assembly shall be the highest organ of the Forum and shall be composed of six delegates each from the five National Chapters based and operating at Partner States’ level.

Provided that the two organisations representing the country at the Governing Council shall at all times be members of the GA and an attempt shall be made to ensure gender parity in the AGM.

(2). The General Assembly shall have an Annual General Meeting that shall be held not later than 31st March of each year. The Annual General meetings shall be held on a rotational basis in each of the five countries of the East African Community.
(3). Any three National Chapters may convene an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting by signing and submitting a petition to the General Secretary; which petition shall state the reason of the meeting, and request the General Secretary to convene the meeting within a period of two weeks from the date of the petition. Where the General Secretary fails to convene the Extra Ordinary General Meeting within the two weeks from the date of receipt of the petition, the petitioning members shall convene the Extra Ordinary General meeting within four weeks from the date of the petition to the General Secretary.

(4). Any meeting of the GA shall be considered to be quorate if three of the five Partner States are represented.

Provided that the three Partner States shall be represented by not less than three delegates each from the member organisations of the National Chapter and the total number of delegates is not less than 15.

(5). The General Secretary shall give one month’s Notice of Annual General Meeting of the Forum to members.
(6). The powers and functions of the General Assembly are:
(i). To consider and adopt policies of the forum.
(ii). To consider and determine applications for membership to the Forum.
(iii). To discuss and approve or otherwise consider the Annual Plans and budgets of the Forum.
(iv). To elect the Governing Council of the Forum.
(v). To appoint Auditors of the Forum.
(vi). To consider and determine proposals for membership fees and annual subscription rates payable by National Chapters.
(vii). To discuss, approve or otherwise consider the Annual Activities Report, the Annual Financial Statement and the Annual Auditors’ Report.
(viii). To approve the establishment of Nationals Chapters by member organisations and provide guidance on their operation and relationship with the Forum.