Globally, millions of people do not have adequate access to sexual and reproductive health and rights . Lack of access to sexual and reproductive health and rights prevents individuals from realizing their basic rights and restricts the ability of people to take control of decisions concerning their health and education, and their participation in social and economic life. There are wide disparities in maternal and reproductive health in different countries. Maternal mortality tends to be lower in countries where levels of contraceptive use and skilled attendance at birth are relatively…

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African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights 10th Anniversary Symposium  21-22 November 2016 In Arusha. As a continental court established by African countries to ensure the protection of human and peoples’ rights in Africa. It complements and reinforces the functions of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. The Court receive cases filed by the African Commission of Human and Peoples’ Rights, State parties to the Protocol or African Intergovernmental Organizations. Non-Governmental Organizations with observer status before the African Commission and individuals can also institute cases directly before the…

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EACSOF Delegation, Ms. Martha Makenge and EACSOF Secretary General Mr. Zaa Twalangete, Lilian Alex – Programmes Assistant meet with the EALA GPC

EACSOF developed a proposed framework for strengthening EALA – CSO collaboration, which was developed with representatives from each national chapter including 2 meetings in Arusha during November 2013 and Nairobi during Feb 2014. This initiative builds on the already existing EAC – CDF (Consultative Dialogue Framework) EACSOF has been following up on the way forward on the Draft CSO-EALA Engagement Framework which was submitted to the EALA General Purpose Committee (GPC). On 30th August 2016 EACSOF Delegation, Ms. Martha Makenge and EACSOF Secretary General Mr. Zaa Twalangete, Lilian Alex –…

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The inherent dangers for the EAC signing the EAC-EU EPA

On the 18th August 2016, an extraordinary meeting of EAC partner states will be held to take a decision on the EPA.  Much likely, the meeting is likely to focus on measures of how to convince   Tanzania to change its earlier position on  EPA.  Statement on the inherent dangers for the EAC signing the EAC-EU EPA.

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Making Investments Work for the People

EACSOF and SEATINI raised awareness on the state of play of the investment policies and practices at EAC level Introduction SEATINI Uganda held a regional meeting on the 18th to 19th May in Uganda, to discuss about foreign investments in East Africa and their implications to the local society. This meeting aimed at analyzing the level of foreign investment in each East African state. Hence a comparison of the level of foreign investment to the development of the local society that is to what extent does an individual citizen benefit…

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Civil Society Statement on the EU-EAC EPA and the Rendezvous Clause negotiations

EAC EPA :The European Commission proposal for a Council decision to sign and provisionally apply the EPA came out on 11 February 2016. At that moment, the text was also published in the different EU languages. Since then, the following activities have been undertaken: EPA translated into Kiswahili and circulated to the Partner States and shared with the EU; EU proposed revisions of a formatting, clerical and editorial nature and EAC provided responses on them EU has informed the EAC that the EU Council of Ministers will meet on 20…

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EACSOF is keen to take collaboration with the East African Legislative Assembly a notch higher

EACSOF EALA Framework for Engagement

East African Legislative Assembly, Arusha, Tanzania; May 26, 2015: The Civil Society in the region under the aegis of the East African Civil Society Organisation Forum (EACSOF) is keen to take collaboration with the East African Legislative Assembly a notch higher. Consequently, linkages between both organisations are expected to be strengthened following the development of a collaboration framework. EACSOF officials late last week paid a courtesy call on the EALA Speaker, Rt. Hon Daniel F. Kidega and presented the proposed collaboration framework. The delegation was led by the EACSOF Secretary…

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Right to Nationality and Eradication of Statelessness


Right to Nationality and Eradication of Statelessness In 2009 AfriMAP, now the AfRO, published two ground breaking studies focusing on issues of exclusion and citizenship in Africa.  Those reports stated that Africa’s wars are fuelled by many factors, most notoriously, natural resources and land.  However, citizenship also ranks atop the contributors to conflict on the African continent.  The rampant and unresolved issue of discrimination of citizenship has led to conflict in Côte d’Ivoire and Democratic Republic of Congo. The studies made an urgent case for the right to a nationality…

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INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE ON NATURAL RESOURCES IN AFRICA (IANRA) THE MULTI-STAKEHOLDER CONFERENCE AND MODEL MINING  LEGISLATION LAUNCH The IANRA held a  Multi-stakeholder Conference  on the 26 April 2016 at Silver Springs hotel in Nairobi,Kenya  and  a  Model Mining Legislation Launch in Naivasha on the 27 April  2016.   Multi-stakeholder Conference  enabled participants to review the The Model Mining Legislation   and  recommended for inclusion of gender mainstreaming, responsibility of the state,  community definition to accommodate national constitutions. The Model Mining Legislation is a work in progress document  and  EACSOF members are welcomed…

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4th EAC Secretary General’s Forum

The 4th EAC Secretary General’s Forum was held at Hyatt Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from 3rd to 4th March, 2016. The Forum provided an opportunity to widen and deepen the EAC integration process especially in the area of Good Governance and Constitutionalism. The Forum was organized by the EAC Secretariat in collaboration with Regional Dialogue Committee (RDC) and supported by the Germany International Development Agency (GIZ), Trademark East Africa (TMEA) and International Republic Institute (IRI) and attended by approximately, 150 delegates. The overall objective of the 4th Annual SG’s…

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