Capacity Building

Since its founding in 2007, EACSOF has undertaken different capacity building initiatives such as:

  • Trained member organizations on human rights, good governance and policy engagement, including civil society participation in trade negotiations.
  • Developed a sensitization manual for CSOs on EAC structures and processes and how CSOs can engage with the EAC – “Strengthening Popular Participation in the East African Community- A Guide to EAC
    Structures and Processes”
  • Established the EAC Annual CSO Conference, as a strong pillar for galvanization of the civic voice. Organized 6 CSO capacity development events through increased collaboration, interaction and experience sharing among.

Civil Society Organizations across the region from 2006 to 2012, during which CSOs explored the following themes:

  • “Agenda-Setting: the Role of Civil Society in the East African Community” – Arusha 2006;
  • “Elaborating the Human Rights System in the East African Community” – Arusha 2007;
  • “Strengthening Civil Society in the EAC: Sharing experience with other RECs” – Arusha 2009;
  • “The role of Civil Society in the EAC Common Market” – Arusha 2010;
  • “Promoting Good Governance for Sustainable Development in the EAC” – Bujumbura 2011;
  • “Activating Thematic Advocacy Working Groups” – Nairobi August 2012