EACSOF since its founding in 2007, has registered a number of significant achievements including but not limited to:

EACSOF membership is over 60 organizations of which some are umbrella CSOs with an active membership of more than 400 CSOs for instance TANGO and UNNGOF.

In regards to Policy Engagement EACSOF: Advocated for the Consultative Dialogue Framework (CDF) for engagement between EAC civil society, organizations, private sector organizations and other interest groups, whereby EACSOF has been mandated as the focal point for CSO voices in the integration process; Prepared a Draft Gender Protocol and Draft Youth Policy for consideration by the Council of Ministers ; Played a leading role in advocating for the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Management Bill, as well as lobbying for changes in the EAC Anti-counterfeit Bill aimed at protecting citizens’ access to quality generic medicines; Contributed to advocacy initiatives, defending EALAs mandate to raise private members’ bills; Collaborated with EABC to launch the EAC Health Forum and initial key issues, with support from GIZ; Initiated advocacy for free movement of Africans in Africa, under the auspices of CCP-AU; Undertook Analysis of the CSO Operating Environment in East Africa; Engaged EALA and EACJ on the deteriorating human rights and humanitarian situation in the Republic of Burundi and Undertook a Right to a Nationality (R2N) in Africa Workshop to raise concern on statelessness and R2N.

Member Capacity Building: Trained member organizations on human rights, good governance and policy engagement, including civil society participation in trade negotiations; Developed a sensitization manual for CSOs on EAC structures and processes and how CSOs can engage with the EAC – “Strengthening Popular Participation in the East African Community- A Guide to EAC Structures and Processes” and Established the EAC Annual CSO Conference, as a strong pillar for galvanization of the civic voice.

EACSOF Institutional Governance was strengthened by accounting to its Membership, Strengthening Board Governance, and Adopting a Clear Strategy plan for the next 5 Years during the 8th EACSOF AGM in May 2016 and moreover EACSOF reviewed the Financial and Human Resource Policies.