6th EAC Secretary General’s Forum

The 6th Secretary General’s Forum was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya from 23rd to 24th July, 2018. The overall objective of the Forum was to provide a platform for the Private sector, Civil Society and other Interest groups to review the progress in the dialogue process and its impact in the integration process. The different Dialogue Parties were accorded an opportunity to take stock, evaluate and strategize the implementation process of the CDF with a view of realising the people-centred and market-driven integration under the theme ‘’Strategising for Impact: People-centred and Market-driven Integration’’.


This Forum was specifically dedicated to: –


  1. Assessing the impact of the Consultative Dialogue Framework projects and programmes.


  1. Reviewing the responsiveness of the current structures and devising a mechanism for sustainability of the Dialogue Framework.


  1. The forum was expected to identify any bottlenecks impeding to the realization of the CDF aspirations, goals and objectives and propose ways of overcoming them.







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