The African Preparatory Conference For The 2nd High Level Meeting  focused on consolidating African Civil Society Organization’s position ahead of the second High Level Meeting (HLM2) that was held in Nairobi, Kenya on the 28th November-1st December, 2016. Being an invaluable actor in development cooperation, towards anchoring African CSO position was paramount. The meeting did not only provide the opportunity to be acquainted to the process and conference, but also offered  an opportunity for East African CSOs to contribute HLM2. Further the meeting outcome was to help shape the African CSO delegations voice towards the main conference.

Outcomes:  Africa CSO position on 2nd High Level Meeting

EACSOF was privileged to attend the preparations of the 2nd High Level Meeting that took place in Nairobi – Kenya on the 24-25 October 2016. The Pan African conference enabled Africa CSO stakeholders, African governments and intergovernmental agencies to make preparations on the position for Africa  and formation of alliances towards the 2nd high level meeting. The conference offered  a major opportunity for the African CSOs including Women Rights Organizations (WROs) to contribute and build stronger alliances with New Partnership for Africa’s Development/ African Union ( NEPAD/AU)  prior to the  2nd High Level Meeting.

The conference debriefed and analyzed the implication of the 2nd high level meeting on development, effectiveness towards Africa’s development agenda, and Africa CSO enabling environment issues. Updated and equipped African CSOs with the relevant information and developed the Africa CSO position. Furthermore an advocacy and communication strategy that would be effectively used to galvanize African CSOs into collective action in order to influence the Nairobi outcome document was adopted.

Additionally, participation of the women rights organizations and feminist organizations in the high level meeting was strengthened by sharing information that deepens their knowledge and understanding of key gender and development effectiveness issues central to the relevant development cooperation debates. A common position for women right organizations in Africa was adopted.

Way forward

Based on an inclusive consultation that concluded in Kenya at the Global Partnership’s HLM2, the Nairobi Outcome Document was released on 1 December 2016. The document aims to shape how existing and new development actors can partner to implement Agenda 2030 and realise the Sustainable Development Goals. 

EACSOF will mobilize more civil societies in East Africa to contribution to upcoming High level meetings and global engagements.

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