INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE ON NATURAL RESOURCES IN AFRICA (IANRA) THE MULTI-STAKEHOLDER CONFERENCE AND MODEL MINING  LEGISLATION LAUNCH The IANRA held a  Multi-stakeholder Conference  on the 26 April 2016 at Silver Springs hotel in Nairobi,Kenya  and  a  Model Mining Legislation Launch in Naivasha on the 27 April  2016.   Multi-stakeholder Conference  enabled participants to review the The Model Mining Legislation   and  recommended for inclusion of gender mainstreaming, responsibility of the state,  community definition to accommodate national constitutions. The Model Mining Legislation is a work in progress document  and  EACSOF members are welcomed to improve the document  and also recommend on strategies to Advocate for its adoption at African Union Level. There is need for CSOs to also come up with compiled EAC regional level research and case studies on natural resources policies and impacts on communities as a building block to Advocate for Model Mining Legislation adoption at African Union Level. Read The Model Law on Mining, Community, Land  in Africa and Other Key Related Documents

 IANRA launches model mining legislation in Kenya – By Claire Wanja

Over 300 delegates representing communities, traditional leaders, local authorities, government, civil society, policy makers, regional bodies, media and mining companies have gathered at Olkario, Naivasha to witness the launch. The Model was launched amidst pomp and fanfare with entertainment from various community groups including Masai men, women and children performing different acts. The Model is to be used by civil society organizations and policy makers to advocate for reforms to mining policies in different African countries and especially for communities to organize around the challenges that they face caused by extractives activities in their habitats. The model  is one of the major outcome of a 3 year project on Extractives by IANRA titled “Natural Resources ARE for Development: An inclusive dialogue on good governance in the minerals sector in Sub-Saharan Africa” Other outcomes include a Case Study Synthesis, an Advocacy and Gender Mainstreaming Guide and a Policy Guide. IANRA chairperson Maghenda Mwikamba urged different countries to adopt the law since it captures issues affecting communities at the grassroots. Mr. Mwikamba said the law was developed from views of the community after carrying out research in five countries. “It is the first time we are having law which is developed from community unlike others which are endorsed by the government to the people. This is a product if well utilized it will resolved a number of issues arising in different mining sites in Africa,” he said. He added, “We urge different parliamentarians in different countries in Africa to adopt the law and localize it in their respective countries.” Speaking during the launch of the document in Ngondi Naivasha Kenya, Mr. Mwikamba also called on the policy makers to ensure communities living in areas endowed with various minerals participate fully in decision making around the natural resources. “Among the issues we want to achieve in the near future is to see communities being involved in making decision about minerals in their area. This can be achieved through having agreements made in public,” said Mr. Mwikamba. The document got a boost after Pan African Parliament, the Africa Mineral Development Centre (AMDC), SADC-PF and Kenyan county governments promised to lobby politicians and experts adopt the document. “I will lobby my fellow parliamentarians in Pan African parliament to rally behind the document. This is a political process and we have to put up the right advocacy plan to see a number of countries accept to support the law,” said Hon. Onyango Kakoba, Member of Parliament Buikwe North Uganda who is also Chair of PAP Committee on Justice and Human rights. Hon. Kakoba said it’s the positive to see a down-up kind of document which expresses wishes of community, government and investors. This is a holistic document which will revolutionize the extractive sector in Africa. Nakuru county Environment, Natural Resources, Water and Energy Executive Officer Richard Rop said they would use the model to develop laws to govern different minerals in their county. “The Kenyan Constitution gives us powers to come up with laws at County level. I have interacted with the document and there are a number of principles we can adopt as we make our laws at county assembly,” said Mr. Rop adding they will localize it to suit people at the County IANRA urges communities, its members and civil society at large and policy makers across Africa to make use of the tools that this project has developed to work towards just laws for effective natural resource management that benefits citizens.

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